Whatever your level of experience with the process here in NYC, we are with you every step of the way. A whole new level of transparency is here for you to make the most informed decision possible. Yes, there are many listings available online these days, the experience in navigating through the many pitfalls is not available elsewhere. The process has already begun with your visit here. We offer you candid perspective, solid information and not sizzle.

  1. Buyer Agents

    We have a unique insight into the property market through the sheer volume of properties that we preview every day for sale and for rent.

  2. Listing Agents

    We value, list, and sell hundreds of properties across Manhattan. Our agents have intimate and unparalleled knowledge of property values. You will have one experienced listing agent as your focal point of contact throughout the sale process.

  3. Transaction Managers

    At The Home Team NYC, we believe in the highest level of service and employ staff members who will provide quality assistance to you from the time an accepted offer has been negotiated until the closing table.  We are specialists in preparing board packages, appraisals and inspections. We will follow up daily with attorneys, mortgage representatives, and all related parties to make sure every detail is accounted for and the transaction gets completed!

  4. Marketing Representatives

    Every property that we advertise has its own unique and tailored marketing plan. We have studied and tested various plans so we understand that different properties need to be featured in various ways to achieve the highest sales price in the shortest period of time.

  5. Recommended Attorneys

    Throughout our experience with hundreds of transactions we can make sure that you only work with the most skillful and qualified attorney.  They will provide you with the best legal advice and protection so that you can feel confident throughout the process.

  6. Mortgage Brokers

    Whether you are a buyer or want us to better explore the financial capabilities of a potential buyer our Mortgage brokers/bankers will put you in the best position they can.

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